Innovations Make Schools Top!

IMST is a flexible support system financed by the Federal Ministry of Education. The aim is to support teachers in the implementation of innovations in MINDT instruction (German abbreviation for Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Science, German, Technology) at Austrian schools. IMST uses two support approaches: topic-specific support and support in regional networks.

The solution approach of IMST consists of scientists accompanying teachers in their endeavours to improve instruction. Networks serve as places of exchange, where teachers and teacher trainers can communicate their experiences of instruction and school. IMST has an impact on the individual instruction, and also on the structures in the educational sphere: teachers carry out innovative instructional and school projects and collaborate in networks. At the same time, IMST offers much more:  University Colleges of Teacher Education and Universities work together closely in the thematic programmes. Representatives of the State Educational Boards also participate in the networks. Thus, apart from long-term structural discussions, stable cooperation arrangements can be established, providing access to the benefits of synergies within the education system.